About Me


My name is Anna Moloney and I am a Polish freelance food stylist. 
I work on TV commercials, video, television, cook books and editorials.
 My adventure with styling food started 8 years ago when I discovered that there is something that I miss in my life. It was passion for what I was doing at work at that time.
 At that moment “I was saved by food” as Julia Child would have said and I started to run with the idea of becoming a food stylist. I studied art history which helps me now in my profession. The sense of composition, colours and technical side of preparing food for shooting are my real strengths.
 When I am not working I am baking like crazy at home, just like my grandmother. And recently also playing with food with my little and „always hungry” son..

I also travel the world, tasting experiencing and photographing new and exciting foods.

In front of the camera, I have worked with many food stylists from all over the world e.g. Rebecca Rauter, Paola Pozzi and Saba Gaziyani.